Hello! Happy that you found my web site!

Hi, my name is Angela and I freelance as a professional Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Clothing Stylist
since 2005.
My background also includes i.a. education as a fashion designer and textile engineer.

Fifteen years ago, I left financial security with a good job and a monthly salary behind me. And went back to what I was passionate about and had a university education for. It was in a slightly different form but with the creative part included. Educated me as a makeup artist & stylist. Then I was incredibly focused. And on that road 15 years ago in February, I started my company Angela's Makeup & Styling www.angelatryggveson.com which I was very unsure of how it would go.
And now, after many years, I still love doing what I do. Make people a little happier, experiencing that they can look even nicer.
I am never bored and with every customer comes a challenge, the uncertainty that tickles in there, excitement that gives many sleepless nights, expectations and enormous joy since when you receive a message, a card from a happy, happy and grateful customer.
My job is not as glamorous as many people think. I am incredibly careful and spend a lot of time on preparation, research, analyzing colors, styles that would suit my client, and also testing different hairstyles before. So when the day comes I am prepared and have lots of suggestions, ideas. With experience and continuous training in the field, you increase the technical execution, quality, durability… then it also becomes easier to find different solutions when something unpredictable happens… it is so exciting. Details that are not visible e.g. how I prepare my travels and plan, examine ang. parking… all I try to take before the wedding so that on the day itself I do not have to call at. 6 in the morning to the bride and ask how I should find out… no, not. The bride should not take care of me, on the contrary, I am there for her and often not only as help with makeup and hair, among other things. I have often had to help with dressing etc.
For 15 years I have met many people from different cultures, languages, countries, with different traditions that I didn't know existed.
I have visited and met staff and have a lot to say about staff who run hotels around the country, mansions, castles and what service they offer or not - there is such a thing, unfortunately. It is often forgotten that it is we who are there for the customers to help and not the other way around.
Actors, singers, artists, dancers… managers of the leading companies, businesswomen and men… And from every person I meet during our sometimes very short time I learn an incredible amount, not only about the person but also around that person… their profession , relationships, how the workplace works… and much more… So over the years I have developed some sensitivity to be able to read and understand people sometimes without many words. That kind of thing requires dedication and willpower.
And not to forget, that with each customer there are certain requirements as in all professions for the delivery of service, quality. In my profession, it can be very sensitive and personal and close. So humility and sensitivity, respect on my part is the most important thing needed when I work so closely. And I always try to put the customer in the center and do my best, more than 100%. It's personality!
Despite the corona, 2020 has been a good year and I am so grateful to corporate clients, artists, photographers, individuals and wedding clients this year. Thank you for the trust and nice warm words that usually gave me tears of joy and enormous gratitude.
Who would have thought that my 15th year would be like this? It was a fully booked year and what would happen? With many worried customers and especially my wedding customers with many adjustments… reduced number of people, change of premises and churches… it happened anyway. So for my part, I worked almost as usual and have also made several unusually long trips at work.

After a slightly calmer winter season, the hectic time with lots of weddings begins. During that time, I get to visit many interesting places, often really exclusive luxury weddings in nice castles or mansions. Also many interesting people and stories. Surprisingly many weddings where the bride or groom comes from different countries and cultures, just as interesting every time it happens. International weddings with bridal couples from Japan, China, Switzerland, England, USA, France, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, Canada, Thailand and Brazil.
Most often, I also get the confidence to do hair and makeup for both bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law. Hard work from early morning to late afternoon but very fun.

My assignments with styling range from weddings, parties, portrait photography, TV recordings, advertising, music videos, companies to fashion photography, fashion shows, etc .. in collaboration with a large number of photographers and companies.
I like to work on customer site or in studio..

Also receives assignments from other parts of Sweden and abroad.

Some previous jobs: TV3, TV4, Webb TV7, Titan television, Eventguiden Stockholm, Zot Production AB / Zillah and Totte, Björk advertising agency, stockholmsgruppen modeling agency, Ballet Academy, Bröllopsguiden, Ekman hair Stockholm, Laleh / Spring's first day, Denis Lopez, Linda Lampenius , Sofia Lilja Åkerlund, Elaine Eksvärd, Robin Bengtsson, Fanzingo / Dramalabet, Mindpool creative film Stockholm, Fredrik Berling presenter and lecturer, mf Hälsocenter, metopia, Arcona, ALMI, CupCard all about weddings. Lots of wedding makeup, bridal makeup, bridal sets, hair sets, individuals makeup and hair styling for party, prom, pregnancy photo, morning gift, trash the dress, student ... etc

Have a nice day and all the best wishes from me.